Feature Rig - @stealth_4r

What year & model of your rig? 2018 4Runner SR5

The reason you chose this rig? Got into an accident and my car was totaled. Went into the dealership and they told me all the MGM SR5 4WD were reserved. What are your current mods? My current mod is my suspensions, which I’m working on today! March 20, 2020, Happy Corona Days 🤙🏼

What is your favorite mod so far? The one thing I love about my truck is well technically two, the roof rack and the ladder. Having those two combine is like unlocking a new level in a game. I can explorer uncharted areas, which is my roof!

What is your future mod(s)? Currently, I’m working on my suspension. Going for a 4-5” Front, 3” Rear. Upgrading my Rough Country setup to a Bilstein 5100, with OME 3” rear and Dobinson Front(which was supplied by @roys4runner, thank you very much).

What type of build are you working towards? Since I bought a 2WD, it was supposed to be a pavement princess, but that went out the window. Overland.

What is your dream rig? @ghostly.t4r you’re just to clean bro.

If money/shipping wasn't an issue, what dream product/part would you want for your rig? Transfers case, 4x4 Transmission, 4x4 Front Axle. Basically whatever it takes to make a 2WD a 4WD.

Is there any mod(s) you regret doing? Buying a 2WD.

If you could bring your rig anywhere in the world, where would you go?  Which Hawaiian island would you love to explore with your rig? if I could bring my rig anywhere, it’d have to be Maui. @ghostly.t4r I want that photoshoot bro!

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