Featured Rig - Elijah @Ezekielsfada

What year & model is your rig? 2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD OFF-ROAD-Cement

The reason you chose this rig? When buying this Tacoma it was pretty much a no-brainer for me. All I ever owned was Toyota mid-size trucks. The one thing all these trucks had in common, they never let me down.

What are your current mods? The only modification I have done to my truck is my dumped exhaust pipe, and a Flow master Supper 44 single in single out. Either than that the truck is completely stock!

What is your favorite mod so far? Can't say that the muffler swap was my favorite mod but if you call that and chopping an exhaust pipe mods, I have to say hands down the dumped exhaust pipe is my favorite.

What is your future mod(s)? Right now I'm waiting on my Hi-Lift Jack mount and Ditch light brackets for the hood.

What type of build are you working towards? The overall build needs to be a functioning vehicle that I can not only drive as a daily but also take me to the places I wanna be.

What is your dream rig? My dream rig would probably be early to mid 90's Toyota pick up, with a 4.0 diesel Cummings swap. Diamond axle for the SAS and as well for the rear with 40" TSL Super Swamper and of course all of the different overland accessories.

If money/shipping wasn't an issue, what would you get for your rig? If money and shipping weren't an issue I would have to say my front and rear bumpers are a must. Unless I could do a SAS or maybe even a supercharger. Who knows maybe all at once.

Is there any mod(s) you regret doing? Sometimes I regret putting on the muffler. I mean it doesn't do much but make a sound.

If you could bring your rig anywhere in the world, where would it be? And which Hawaiian island would you love to explore? That's a tuff one, there's so many places I want to visit throughout the world, but I guess I could say North and South America. It's not only connected but to make a trip from top to bottom or bottom to top would be pretty amazing back roads through the states sounds like a good maybe almost 2-month trip, who really knows!

Check out more photos of his rig on Instagram! @Ezekielsfada

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