Featured Rig - Michael @mikeD1Esel

What year & model is your rig? 2020 OR DCSB in cement

The reason you chose this rig? The locking rear differential

What are your current mods? Red MESO custom interior LEDs, MESO custom mirror turn signals, blacked-out all badges, blacked-out OR wheels with vinyl stickers

What is your favorite mod(s) so far? MESO interior lights

What is your future mod(s)? 3” suspension lift, SCS wheels, 35s, prinsu roof rack, bed rack with RTT, full underbody armor, sliders, high clearance front and rear bumper

What type of build are you working towards? Overlanding

What is your dream rig? The one I’m currently building

If money/shipping wasn't an issue, what would you get for your rig? Bumpers

Is there any mod(s) you regret doing? Not yet

If you could bring your rig anywhere in the world, where would it be? And which hawaiian island would you love to explore? The Pacific Northwest/Colorado/Wyoming. Kauai.

Check out more photos of his rig on Instagram! @mikeD1Esel

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